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Google Does Design

Jun 30, 2011 / Google Does Design

The release of Google+ seems to be doing all the right things for the company, especially on the design front.

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Noteslate Tablet Display

Feb 15, 2011 / Noteslate Tablet Display

Noteslate is a new tablet device meant to simplify your paper notetaking needs. But do we really need new technology like this?

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UX: Sorting Through Roles

Nov 9, 2010 / UX: Sorting Through Roles

What’s in a name? Helping define what roles web designers take according to their titles.

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Dotdotgrid Project

Sep 7, 2010 / Dotdotgrid Project

A new, personal project of mine aimed to help other web designers find certain sites of interest.

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Is “Cleaner” More Usable?

Aug 6, 2010 / Is “Cleaner” More Usable?

The age old debate of aesthetics vs usability. In particular, if a cleaner site actually equals better usability through user experience.

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Digital Display Revolution

May 25, 2010 / Digital Display Revolution

Today the average digital display hovers around 120 pixels per inch, but with new devices looming on the horizon that will soon change.

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Line in the Sand

Apr 30, 2010 / Line in the Sand

Jobs’ letter to Adobe gains momentum for HTML5. Now the concept of both technologies being complimentary to each other is fading quickly.

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Where Opera Mini Fails

Apr 14, 2010 / Where Opera Mini Fails

After hearing news about another browser being released for the iPhone, I was excited about another option. They threw all the great tools at us, but that’s where it ends.

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The Ubiquity of Archer

Apr 12, 2010 / The Ubiquity of Archer

H&FJ’s Archer typeface has garnered instant attention since being publicly released in 2008, but people are beginning to question all its uses.

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Podcast Essentials

Mar 16, 2010 / Podcast Essentials

Podcasts that keep me going through the week, serving as good breaks in between my work load.

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