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Designing by Committee

Feb 19, 2010 / Designing by Committee

When designing by committee goes wrong. A somewhat humorous look at it.

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One Year, One Moleskin

Feb 9, 2010 / One Year, One Moleskin

Designers should carry something around to write in, I can only share my own personal experience since I started doing so.

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iPad is the Ultimate Casual Device

Jan 28, 2010 / iPad is the Ultimate Casual Device

So where do you put this thing? On the couch to lounge with or on the nightstand to read a book before going to bed. I just wish I could do some real computing on it.

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Tools of the Trade

Jan 25, 2010 / Tools of the Trade

There’s no question that software tools plays a vital role in my day-to-day work. For both design work and helping improve my efficiency and workflow, I listed a few of my favorite tools of choice.

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Say Hello v3

Jan 10, 2010 / Say Hello v3

I redesigned (again), for more than a few reasons. I was happy with v2, but not nearly satisfied enough.

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Bring Back the Old Exposé

Sep 7, 2009 / Bring Back the Old Exposé

After loading up OS X 10.6 and giving Snow Leopard a test run, I had some immediate concerns with the new Exposé setup.

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Design Comfort Zone

Aug 16, 2009 / Design Comfort Zone

I used to hate working from home. All that changed when I decided to redesign my home office from scratch. I’m liking the results so far.

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