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As Little Design as Possible

Jun 13, 2011 / As Little Design as Possible

A new book on one of the most influential designers of the twentieth century.

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A Victorian Vision of The Wire

Apr 11, 2011 / A Victorian Vision of The Wire

HBO’s The Wire re-imagined as a piece of serialized Victorian fiction.

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The Shape of Design

Feb 1, 2011 / The Shape of Design

A new design book focusing on the why instead of the how; analysis of designers’ practice and characteristics.

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Bracket Vol. 1

Dec 29, 2010 / Bracket Vol. 1

Who says print is dead? Bracket is a collection of ideas and processes’ in the form of newspaper.

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Ordering Disorder

Dec 21, 2010 / Ordering Disorder

A new book dedicated to outlining grid principles in the eye of the web designer.

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Simplicity Manifesto

Nov 17, 2010 / Simplicity Manifesto

Focus is about finding simplicity in this Age of Distraction. Useful in almost all situations for work/life.

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The Future of the Book

Oct 14, 2010 / The Future of the Book

Three new possible innovations on how books can become more interactive and valuable to the reading experience.

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HTML5 For Web Designers

Jul 16, 2010 / HTML5 For Web Designers

To the point and well designed; here’s a quick, informative read for any web designer.

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Flaunt: Portfolio Works

Mar 9, 2010 / Flaunt: Portfolio Works

UnderConsideration’s fourth book is a useful resource for any designer.

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Information is Beautiful

Feb 11, 2010 / Information is Beautiful

David McCandless’ book, Information is Beautiful, now in glorious hardcover format. Time to go buy one.

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