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Chicago Neighborhood Tees

Jun 18, 2012 / Chicago Neighborhood Tees

Represent your Chicago hood with these slick designed T-shirts.

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Chicago Past

Feb 27, 2012 / Chicago Past

Archived photography displaying Chicago’s historic past.

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Floating City

Jun 23, 2011 / Floating City

Time-lapse video using mirror filtering of the Chicago skyline.

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A Chair Free Chicago

Jan 3, 2011 / A Chair Free Chicago

Stopping the irritating Chicago tradition of “holding” spaces, the old-fashioned way.

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Locals and Tourists

Jul 28, 2010 / Locals and Tourists

A geotagger’s world atlas to the major cities across the world.

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Chicago in HDR

Apr 2, 2010 / Chicago in HDR

Chicago is my favorite city in the world, and nothing beats seeing the city with high dynamic range (HDR) captures.

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The Hill

Feb 15, 2010 / The Hill

Paul Octavious’ scenic photographic captures of a familiar Chicago mound known as “The Hill.”

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Typography in Chicago

Feb 3, 2010 / Typography in Chicago

A collection of images displaying typography all throughout Chicago, from the new and pristine to the old and decaying.

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Data Visualization: Movies in Chicago

Jan 17, 2010 / Data Visualization: Movies in Chicago

What do Netflix queue patterns say about a city? Apparently, a lot. The NYTimes recently released a “peek” into queue patterns in major cities across the world.

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