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8-bit Title Scream

Oct 3, 2011 / 8-bit Title Scream

Type and graphic inspiration from 8/16-bit video game title sequences.

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Braun Watches

Jul 7, 2011 / Braun Watches

Braun relaunches a new set of high-style wrist watches, combining blends of quality and minimal design.

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50 Things

May 26, 2011 / 50 Things

A quick list of tips and experiences for graphic design students and professionals alike.

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The GIF Cinemagraph

May 1, 2011 / The GIF Cinemagraph

More than just a photo, but not quite a video. Animated GIF’s done right.

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The Noun Project

Feb 24, 2011 / The Noun Project

A free online collection of the world’s visual language through symbols and icons.

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Synthesizer 76

Dec 13, 2010 / Synthesizer 76

Highly detailed concept designs of a vintage audio synthesizer for the Apple iPad.

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Burlesque Gig Posters

Dec 1, 2010 / Burlesque Gig Posters

The designers at Burlesque know how to create beautiful prints for band tours. The music isn’t too bad either.

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UX: Sorting Through Roles

Nov 9, 2010 / UX: Sorting Through Roles

What’s in a name? Helping define what roles web designers take according to their titles.

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DIY Turntable

Nov 2, 2010 / DIY Turntable

A modern, efficient design prototype engineered for low-cost production.

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Effectiveness By Design: A Study

Oct 21, 2010 / Effectiveness By Design: A Study

Dutch scientific evidence proves the economic and commercial value of design.

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