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Needing to Want Less

Sep 23, 2010 / Needing to Want Less

Everybody wants more than they need. Simple designs to illustrate everyday examples.

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Inspiration Pad

Aug 27, 2010 / Inspiration Pad

A new way to sketch up ideas for those seeking new inspirational freedom.

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Is “Cleaner” More Usable?

Aug 6, 2010 / Is “Cleaner” More Usable?

The age old debate of aesthetics vs usability. In particular, if a cleaner site actually equals better usability through user experience.

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Bridging The Gap

Jul 22, 2010 / Bridging The Gap

Visually stimulating, without overwhelming the design. Bold and effective poster inspiration.

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A World Cup Visualization

Jul 5, 2010 / A World Cup Visualization

How a visual graphic can predict this year’s winner in the World Cup, hopefully to come true to form.

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Poogla, Mobile Artwork

Jun 23, 2010 / Poogla, Mobile Artwork

In respects to the new iPhone coming out later this week, one must carry one in style.

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Pencil vs Camera

May 18, 2010 / Pencil vs Camera

A creative combination of illustrations set in front of real photographs, telling a new and different story.

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Slight Realignment

May 7, 2010 / Slight Realignment

I made a few small detailed changes to the homepage, shifting more attention to the business side of the site.

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Currency Redesign

Apr 28, 2010 / Currency Redesign

We have a new $100 dollar bill coming next year, but what if US currency actually looked attractive?

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The Brand Gap

Apr 22, 2010 / The Brand Gap

Brand is not just a name, or a logo. Think of a brand as a personality, and how it makes other people think or react.

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