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Essential Packing

Feb 13, 2012 / Essential Packing

If you had to fill just one bag for travel, what would your essential items be to take with you?

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Dotdotgrid Project

Sep 7, 2010 / Dotdotgrid Project

A new, personal project of mine aimed to help other web designers find certain sites of interest.

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Podcast Essentials

Mar 16, 2010 / Podcast Essentials

Podcasts that keep me going through the week, serving as good breaks in between my work load.

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One Year, One Moleskin

Feb 9, 2010 / One Year, One Moleskin

Designers should carry something around to write in, I can only share my own personal experience since I started doing so.

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New Business Cards

Jan 27, 2010 / New Business Cards

I ordered new business cards a few weeks ago to coincide with the new site design. I’m liking how they turned out.

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On Board with Project52

Jan 12, 2010 / On Board with Project52

Motivation for personal projects can easily be dropped or forgotten when things get busy, so I’m giving Project52 a try.

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Design Comfort Zone

Aug 16, 2009 / Design Comfort Zone

I used to hate working from home. All that changed when I decided to redesign my home office from scratch. I’m liking the results so far.

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