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Lytro Camera

Oct 20, 2011 / Lytro Camera

A new way to experience pictures, in a pocket-sized form factor.

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Innovation Portfolio

Sep 20, 2011 / Innovation Portfolio

A collection of immersive storytelling with powerful interactivity by the New York Times.

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A Simple Text Editor

Aug 3, 2011 / A Simple Text Editor

When pure writing and concentration becomes a priority, simplicity always wins.

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Thoughts on OS X Lion

Jul 27, 2011 / Thoughts on OS X Lion

The latest incarnation of Apple’s operating system has me puzzled in some aspects.

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Interactive Audiopad

Jul 23, 2011 / Interactive Audiopad

Interaction involving converting motion into audio with samples of electronic music.

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Silent Alarm

Apr 2, 2011 / Silent Alarm

Silence is golden when trying to sneak in those last few minutes of sleep.

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Noteslate Tablet Display

Feb 15, 2011 / Noteslate Tablet Display

Noteslate is a new tablet device meant to simplify your paper notetaking needs. But do we really need new technology like this?

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iPhone 4: Initial Thoughts

Jun 28, 2010 / iPhone 4: Initial Thoughts

The new iPhone has lived up to my expectations, but there are still the obvious drawbacks.

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A Tale of Two Screens

Jun 13, 2010 / A Tale of Two Screens

An up-and-close look at how the iPhone 4 Retina Display compares with its previous generation screen.

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Measuring Distractibility

Jun 10, 2010 / Measuring Distractibility

In the digital age, people are getting more distracted in their everyday lives. Now, we can test our focus with NY Time’s new interactive feature.

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