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Graph Typeface

May 29, 2012 / Graph Typeface

Create clean, simple charts with a single new typeface FF Chartwell.

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Type Connection

Mar 27, 2012 / Type Connection

Be a typeface matchmaker in this unique, interactive “dating game.”

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The Kerning Game

Nov 13, 2011 / The Kerning Game

Test your kerning abilities with this quick online test of ten typeface examples.

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Letterpress Workshop

Oct 14, 2011 / Letterpress Workshop

A nice perspective overview of students working on their first Letterpress projects.

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Kerning with JS

Sep 6, 2011 / Kerning with JS

Kerning individual characters from the browser, with a little javascript help.

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Off Book: Type

Aug 15, 2011 / Off Book: Type

Outlining the importance of selecting the right font to convey a particular feeling.

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Typography for the Lonely

Jul 15, 2011 / Typography for the Lonely

A new collection of web typography experiments using standards-based web design techniques.

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Type Insight

Jun 5, 2011 / Type Insight

New methods to understanding and observing typefaces on mobile applications.

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Paper Typography

May 9, 2011 / Paper Typography

Hand-cut typographic sculptures made from 100% post-consumed recycled paper.

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Wordmark It

Mar 18, 2011 / Wordmark It

An option for an easier font selection process, for those times when you need a quick preview of any typeface.

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