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Graph Typeface

May 29, 2012 / Graph Typeface

Create clean, simple charts with a single new typeface FF Chartwell.

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Apr 3, 2012 / Objectified

Feature-length documentary about our relationship with everyday objects and the people who design them.

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A Million Dots

Mar 22, 2012 / A Million Dots

A single pen and over three million dots brings together a beautiful piece of art.

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This Is My Home

Feb 23, 2012 / This Is My Home

Often mistaken for a vintage shop, a collector has his home antiqued to the max from over 32 years of picking.

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Letterpress Workshop

Oct 14, 2011 / Letterpress Workshop

A nice perspective overview of students working on their first Letterpress projects.

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ROI of User Experience

Aug 22, 2011 / ROI of User Experience

Factors that focus on the importance of UX upfront can often lead to high ROI.

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Off Book: Type

Aug 15, 2011 / Off Book: Type

Outlining the importance of selecting the right font to convey a particular feeling.

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Interactive Audiopad

Jul 23, 2011 / Interactive Audiopad

Interaction involving converting motion into audio with samples of electronic music.

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Floating City

Jun 23, 2011 / Floating City

Time-lapse video using mirror filtering of the Chicago skyline.

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May 13, 2011 / Animatable

Animatable is a browser-based tool that allows for easy multi-scene CSS animations.

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