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Hanging Quotes

May 20, 2010 / Hanging Quotes

Everyone has their personal pet peeves. A small, subtle distinction applied with some CSS styling.

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CSS3 Opera Logo

Mar 29, 2010 / CSS3 Opera Logo

The Opera logo, rendered only with CSS and without the use of images.

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Spectrum of User Experience

Mar 12, 2010 / Spectrum of User Experience

UX is a multi-layered practice, with overlapping roles that shape and form each experience.

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Thinking for a Living

Feb 24, 2010 / Thinking for a Living

The new Thinking for a Living site has jumped to one of my favorite destination points on the web, bringing a new standard to interaction design.

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State of the Internet

Feb 16, 2010 / State of the Internet

A new infographic released on the state of the Internet. Results not so surprising.

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Fall In Love With HTML5

Jan 22, 2010 / Fall In Love With HTML5

HTML5 is the future, and already sites are taking advantage of the cool new features.

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Historical Browser Statistics

Jan 18, 2010 / Historical Browser Statistics

An orange-tailed trend in the browser wars, hopefully to continue over the next few years.

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Say Hello v3

Jan 10, 2010 / Say Hello v3

I redesigned (again), for more than a few reasons. I was happy with v2, but not nearly satisfied enough.

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