New Business Cards

Jan 27, 2010

New Business Cards


After searching high and low for a printer to create letterpress cards at a reasonable price, I decided to just stick with a standard card stock from Moo. Considering the relatively low price ($27 shipped for 50 cards), I am real pleased with the look and feel of the card. It’s got a certain “gleen” to it, and feels quite sturdy and not cheap at all. The feel is smooth to the touch too.

I decided to keep the card very minimal, with only pertinent information on one side and the logo design on the other side. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but there is a slight gridded texture behind as well, for a simple, subtle effect.


Dennis Eusebio

If you have a relatively minimal one-color design you can get some pretty solid letterpress cards from Mandate Press for about $99.

David Trang

Wow, this is excellent. Thanks Dennis. I just checked out their website and the price is actually on par with most normal business cards. I just wish I knew about Mandate 3 weeks ago, now I at least know where I’m putting in my next order.