Podcast Essentials

Mar 16, 2010

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been working at home full-time freelance. I don’t watch too much television, so the only type of media that gets me through the day (other than this Internet thing) is through podcasts listenings. There are times when I’m too busy to listen to each of these regularly, so I like to keep my list of subscribed podcasts fairly short and unique to my own tastes. Each of these are highly recommended.


This American Life

This American Life — Just as the title suggests, This American Life covers random stories from the lives of Americans throughout the US. I admit, I only started listening to this as a way to get through my rough commute and was initially skeptical about the premise. After over a year of listening, I was hooked. The best part about it, the stories have the such a broad set of characters and narratives, that each episode is a surprise. Ira Glass conducts the show masterfully.

Read Between the Leading

Read Between the Leading — For the most part, RBTL is conducted in interview format. These interviews bring the biggest names in the design industry, from type designers like Jos Buivenga to the design director of the Obama campaign Scott Thomas. I enjoy these interviews not only for the great insight they offer, but also to hear about how they got started in their respective industries.


Radio Lab — Stories on science may not sound like the most exciting topic to listen to, but hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich manage to captivate the imagination with their yin meets yang type of personalities. The show is incredibly researched, well produced, as well as entertaining so I often find myself laughing while also learning a cool new thing or two in the process.


Diggnation — Never a dull moment on Diggnation, providing a great mix of news, tech bits, video games and comedy for an all-around good time. I’ve been following Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht since their days on Tech TV, so it’s great to still be able to watch their interesting Mac vs PC rivalry, with all the alcohol and beer necessary. When will they make it out to Chicago?

Other non-regularly scheduled podcasts I enjoy listening to are TED Talks, Boagworld, TWiT, Freelance Switch Radio, Real Time and 37signals.