The Brand Gap

Apr 22, 2010

Brand is an abstract, complex subject. Some people make branding look easy (Hello, Apple); some people don’t (Windows 7 launch party anyone?) I just picked up The Brand Gap, a book focusing on bridging the distance between business strategy and design. I’m learning about how the idea of “brand” can greatly influence more with their actions towards an audience, rather than just presenting a new website or logo. The main point is to get strategic thinkers and creative thinkers to think more similarly. When that happens, people “brand” for you.

The Brand Gap


The Brand Gap


So far, a very good read. I highly suggest viewing the slideshare presentation to get an idea of what the book’s all about.

Link: The Brand Gap on Slideshare →

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Awesome post David. That slideshare presentation is sweet. Going to have to pick this up.